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How to Serve Bananas to Your Baby

How to Serve Bananas to Your Baby

Here at Nutrition for Baby, we are bananas about…. bananas! One of the world’s most popular fruits, it is actually considered a berry by classification (despite bearing little resemblance to our well known friends like the strawberry or blueberry).

No matter how it is classified, bananas are packed with potassium, fiber, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. On top of that, they are the perfect texture for baby. But how do you serve a fruit that is so slippery it is known for sending the bad guys head over heels in Saturday morning cartoons? Well we have three options for you, and a magic solution to make managing this fruit easier for your little one.

Check out this video to see how easy it is to prep a banana for your baby:



BLW is contraindicated for babies at risk of dysphagia, such as babies who have an anatomic disorder (cleft palate, tongue tie), a neurological disorder (developmental delay, hypotonia, oral hypotonia) or a genetic disorder. Follow-up by a health professional (doctor, pediatric registered dietitian) is necessary for babies at risk of anemia such as babies born prematurely, babies with low birth weight (less than 3000 g), worries related to growth, babies born to an anemic mother, baby for whom cow’s milk was introduced early and/or a vegan baby.


How to Prepare Banana for your Baby: 3 Ways

First, start by giving the peel of the banana a good scrub. We will be using the skin to our advantage later on, so make sure it is good and clean!


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Next, cut the banana into thirds if it is a large banana, or into half if it is on the smaller side.



Using the section of the banana you can choose from three options! You can either:

  • Cut the peel off the top half of the banana portion and leave the bottom for a handle
Bananas come with a perfect handle for baby led weaning


  • Peel the portion and gently push on the banana until it comes apart into three sections
Bananas split easily into thirds with a bit of pressure


  • Peel half the skin vertically and leave the other half for baby to hold onto
Another way to serve to baby


How can we make the grip even better? Well here is my favourite trick; roll the banana in unsweetened shaved coconut! This also introduces fun new tastes and textures for baby to discover.

Whichever version you choose, you can roll it in coconut for better grip


The final product; delicious and nutritious for everyone in the family



Before doing Baby-Led Weaning (BLW) with your baby, it is important to proceed safely by contacting a pediatric registered dietitian. Among other things, make sure that:

  • your baby is ready and does not start too early
  • your baby is sitting at 90 degrees
  • you do not place food in his/her mouth with your fingers
  • the environment is calm during meals
  • you offer the right foods to your baby (always test the texture of the food in between your tongue and roof of your mouth)
  • you watch your baby eat at all times
  • you contact a pediatric registered dietitian to make sure you are proceeding safely

Comment below on how YOU serve bananas to baby!

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