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How to choose the best high chair?

How to choose the best high chair?


A high chair isn’t absolutely necessary when introducing complementary foods to babies but it can certainly be practical. I decided to ask Catherine Cusson, an occupational therapist to help guide us.


What are the top 3 criteria to look for when shopping for a high chair?


1) The high chair must place baby in a 90 degree angle in between his/her back and hips


Therefore we want to avoid all high chairs that slightly recline backwards like this one:


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A high chair with foot support is much more comfortable for babies and ensures a better position. We love the Tripp Trapp chair by Stokke which can be used from starting complementary foods all the way throughout childhood.


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2) It must have good back support


We want to choose a high chair with a seatback that’s higher than the top of the baby’s head. We want to avoid choosing booster seats like this one with a low seatback:


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3) It must allow baby to have a 90 degree angle for his/her forearms


This way, your baby will have easier access to his/her foods on the tray. We want to avoid choosing high chairs with a tray that’s too high like this one:



best high chair, high chair, blw, baby


Our favourite high chair is The Trip Trap chair by Stokke.


Why we love it:


  • 90 angle in between your baby’s back and hips
  • Great back support with a high enough seatback
  • 90 angle for your baby’s forearms so easy access to food
  • Removable tray so you can bring your baby directly at the table to eat
  • Made in wood so easy to clean
  • It’s beautiful and available in a large variety of colors
  • Great for babies just starting out to eat until they are much older
  • Excellent foot support so ensures an optimal position and is comfortable for your baby

What high chair do you have? Is your baby in the correct position?

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