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Hi! I’m Jessica Coll. I’m a registered dietitian, lactation consultant (IBCLC) and mom recognized for my experience in infant nutrition. I’m the founder of the International BLW Network of Health Professionals. I strongly believe that babies can feed themselves from their first bite and I’m passionate about spreading the “real food for babies” word. I have been featured on:

I want to give BLW workshops but don’t have time to create them

“I’m worried that my workshops won’t fill up”

“I don’t have all the answers to BLW-related questions”

“I don’t know where to start”

Imagine you could host workshops in 2 weeks

Imagine you got everything you need to give BLW workshops in your own city delivered to your inbox

Imagine you had someone with experience in the field available to personally answer all your questions about introducing solids

Imagine you had support to help you along the way

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Membership to the network includes

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A pre-made 2-hour presentation

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A handout for workshop participants

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A cookbook for workshop participants

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Exclusive trainings

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Access to the BLW online course

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Unlimited support from Jessica Coll

The details

Total of 12 CPEUs:

How Health Professionals Answer the Most Common Questions About Starting Solids and BLW with Allegra Gast, RD, IBCLC

Iron, Veganism and BLW: Clearing Up the Confusion with Jennifer House, MSc., RD, author of Parent's Guide To BLW

Helping Health Professionals Get the BLW Facts Straight with Gill Rapley, the one who coined the term BLW (!)

Choking and BLW

The Latest Research About BLW

Tactics to Fill Up Your Workshops with Allegra Gast, RD, IBCLC

How to Stand Out with marketing expert Negar Haghighat

Slow Down to Move Forward

How to Use Zoom Efficiently to Teach Workshops

The Impact of a Tongue Tie During Breastfeeding and Starting Solids with Carole Dobrich, RN, IBCLC

Introducing Allergenic Solids to Babies with pediatric allergist Dr Gary Soffer (3 hours!)

How to Communicate with Pediatricians about BLW with pediatrician and network member Dr Marie-Eve Marcotte

And much more

  • A recording of a real 2 hour in-person workshop with Jessica Coll, RD, IBCLC and real parents (2 hours)
  • At least 4 live events per year for additional continuing education units (live and recorded)
  • Handout and recipe book for workshop participants
  • Support from me by email
  • Pre-made 2-hour Starting Solids Powerpoint presentation for parents with all the notes for each slide that you can modify or use as is
  • Pictures and videos in high resolution that you can use
  • Customizable Word documents to help market your workshops
  • Space on my website for your name & contact info to help parents can find you (optional)
  • Private Facebook group exclusive to members of the network

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For health professionals only