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For registered dietitians only.

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I want to give BLW workshops but don’t have time to create them

  • “I’m worried that my workshops won’t fill up”
  • “I don’t have all the answers to BLW-related questions”
  • “I don’t know where to start”

  • Imagine…

  • You got everything you need to give BLW workshops in your own city delivered to your inbox instantly
  • You had a registered dietitian available to personally answer all your questions about introducing solids
  • You had support to help you along the way
  • Jessica Coll baby led weaning handout

    The BLW Network of Dietitians is just that

    When you become a member of the BLW network of dietitians, you will receive:

    • A pre-made 2-hour presentation delivered to your inbox
    • An 8-page detailed handout for workshop participants
    • Exclusive trainings that address topics relevant to YOU
    • Unlimited support from Jessica Coll via phone, video chat or email
    • Lifetime access to the highly successful BLW online course
    • Pictures and videos in high resolution that you can use to market your BLW workshops
    • A formatted Word document to market your workshops that you can modify as needed
    • Space on my website for your name, picture, biography and services (great for online visibility)
    • An affiliate link for the BLW online course giving you 50% of the sales of people you refer
    • A private Facebook group exclusive to members of the BLW network (great for networking!)

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    What members are saying

    Marie-Josée Rainville
    Marie-Josée Rainville
    Registered dietitian - mom of 2 - member of the BLW network since June 2016

    I was worried that I would have trouble filling up my workshops to reimburse my membership fee. The initial investment was quite substantial for me because I didn’t have much income at the time. Also, since there are more and more dietitians in my area who are offering BLW workshops, I was worried that the market was already saturated. Finally, since I wasn’t familiar with the content of the course, I didn’t really know what to expect.

    Once I watched the BLW online course and received the material, I knew that it was quality content and that the information was reliable. Jessica is available to help and support us when needed. She puts a lot of resources at our disposal to make it easy and to break the isolation (private Facebook group, phone meetings, advertising tools, etc.).

    Jessica is dynamic and is always ready to adjust information as needed. She is actively maintaining relationships with other professionals (occupational therapists, physical therapists and Gill Rapley) to give her credibility to her network. We all benefit. She makes references when relevant, so it helps to improve our practice in general.

    Marie-Josée Rainville
    Maurine Willa
    member of the network since April 2016

    Before signing up for the network, I took the time to look at Jessica’s Baby Led Weaning (BLW) online course content. I already knew about BLW but the new trends have interested me for over 30 years! I was happy to get access to a ready-to-use presentation created by a professional registered dietitian and certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) that had already offered workshops in the past. I realized that I had made the right choice when I started watching the videos in the BLW online course, when I realized how useful the network’s private Facebook group was and when Jessica replied to emails quickly.

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    Jessica hand picks every single member of the network based on their credentials, experience and ability and desire to teach accurate information about BLW. Requesting access to the network does not guarantee your acceptance.

    For registered dietitians only.

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