Baby Led Weaning Workshops

What is Baby Led Weaning (BLW)? BLW is about offering whole foods to babies starting at 6 months old. It’s important to proceed safely and to offer the right foods to your baby before starting out. These in-person workshops are taught by a registered dietitian and mom and are meant to guide you through this process safely.


BLW is contraindicated for babies at risk of dysphagia, such as babies who have an anatomic disorder (cleft palate, tongue tie), a neurological disorder (developmental delay, hypotonia, oral hypotonia) or a genetic disorder. Follow-up by a health professional (doctor, pediatric registered dietitian) is necessary for babies at risk of anemia such as babies born prematurely, babies with low birth weight (less than 3000 g), worries related to growth, babies born to an anemic mother, baby for whom cow's milk was introduced early and/or a vegan baby.
*Cusson and Labonté, Baby-Led Weaning Conference, June 2018, Nutrium, Faculty of Medicine, University of Montreal

What's Covered

  • What is BLW?
  • How to adapt your family meals to your baby
  • Size of first foods
  • Practical tips to start out safely
  • Food preparation
  • What to expect
  • Precautions
  • Worries about BLW
  • Contraindications to BLW
  • Going from purees to BLW
  • Iron
  • Allergies

Pictures, videos and real food will be featured during these workshops. Babies are certainly welcome. $50 per person includes a handout and a recipe book.

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